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If you see or hear about something illegal happening at work, you should feel comfortable reporting it without fear of retaliation or different treatment. There are even laws in place to prevent this from occurring, and they are called “whistleblower” protection statutes. If you have suffered unfair treatment or punishment due to your reporting of an illegal act, attorney Craig Berman can help.

Florida Whistleblower Law

According to the Florida Whistleblower’s Act, both public and private sector employees are protected against retaliatory behavior at work. Your employer may not engage in any retaliatory actions; however, you must first report the violation to your employer before reporting it to a legal agency so that your employer can correct the mistake. If you fail to report the illegal act to your employer before reporting it to the authorities, you likely will not be protected under the whistleblower’s act if faced with retaliation.

Publicly employed persons must report the violation to their supervisors in writing. Though private sector employees do not have to report the violation in writing, it is a good idea to create a paper trail in case your employer retaliates against you for blowing the whistle.

Statute Of Limitations

Whistleblower violations must be reported in a timely manner in order for you to seek legal recourse against an employer. For private sector employees, you must report the retaliation within two years of its occurrence. This window is substantially smaller for public sector employees, who have a mere 180 days to report the retaliation.

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