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Civil Service Hearings Lawyer Representing Employment Law Clients In Tampa And St. Petersburg

Government employees, whether at the state, county or city level, are protected by the same state and federal employment laws as private sector employees. If you experience a violation of these rights, you may request an administrative or disciplinary hearing with your county’s Civil Service Board. Attorney Craig Berman can help you complete the required forms and represent you during your hearing.

Know Your Rights

Harassment and discrimination on the basis of your race, skin color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, citizenship status, genetic information, marital status, HIV/AIDS diagnosis or sickle cell trait is explicitly illegal in the state of Florida. Furthermore, it is illegal for your employer to mistreat you for reporting a workplace violation or abuse wage and hour laws. If you have experienced any of these behaviors or have been terminated as a result, you are eligible to file an appeal with the Civil Service Board.

The Appeals Process

If you have been dismissed or terminated for an illegitimate purpose, you have just a few days from the date of your notification of termination to request an administrative hearing with the Civil Service Board in your county. You must clearly state why your termination was unjust. You will then be given a hearing date and a chance to state your case. After your hearing, the board will make its decision and either reinstate you or affirm your termination.

The Importance Of Quality Representation

Having a lawyer by your side during this process significantly reduces the risk of jeopardizing your case. Attorney Berman can verify that you have filed all required forms correctly and advise you on how to phrase your grievances based on legal precedents. He will then accompany you to any meetings or hearings to ensure that your rights are respected.

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