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Promising Legal Guidance For Your Business

You may be planning to start a new business, grow an existing business or dissolve a business that has been winding down. You may need assistance drafting, formalizing or enforcing business contracts. Or you may need to resolve a vexing business dispute. This is the right time to seek legal guidance.

Whatever goals you are pursuing for your business, you naturally want a trustworthy adviser. Attorney Craig Berman has been practicing employment law and business law for three decades. People who have worked with attorney Berman say he is honest, amicable and purposeful. He can quickly assess a legal situation and, in consultation with a client, devise a solid strategy with a high likelihood of success.

Litigation-Proof Transactions

At Berman Law Firm, P.A., you will find the direction you need for any business issue such as:

  • Entity selection (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation)
  • Business formation
  • Business development plan implementation
  • Partnership agreements
  • Selling shares
  • Conducting annual shareholders’ meetings
  • Drafting, negotiating and formalizing contracts
  • Creating employee training manuals

Conducting business transactions with the help of a litigation attorney is a good way to help prevent legal troubles. Attorney Berman looks at every business deal with this goal in mind.

Dispute Resolution

Despite your best efforts to avoid disputes with individuals, other businesses and government bodies, you should not be surprised when controversies arise. It is part of the landscape of doing business. The key to getting through controversy is to pursue a remedy that will result in greater wins and fewer losses. Sometimes this means compromising. Other times, you can confidently take your dispute before a judge or jury if the evidence supporting your position is persuasive.

Schedule a consultation with a business disputes lawyer to discuss how to come out ahead when you face business-related legal troubles such as the following:

  • A breach of contract claim
  • An affront to intellectual property rights
  • A boundary dispute with a neighboring business owner
  • A property usage disagreement versus a commercial landlord
  • Collections
  • Litigation against individuals or businesses that owe your business money and are on the verge of bankruptcy
  • Probate litigation involving business interests

Solve Your Business Law Challenges With The Knowledgeable Guidance Of Attorney Berman

Don’t waste time wondering what to do next when you are facing high-stakes business law quandaries. Meet with Mr. Berman at your earliest opportunity and devise a plan that will carry you and your business forward in a positive direction.

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