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Your employer is required to pay you for your time, period. Furthermore, they must pay you at least the federal or state minimum wage, whichever of the two is higher. If you have not been paid for hours worked or were paid below the minimum wage rate, contact employment law attorney Craig Berman as soon as possible. He has been helping Florida clients report wage and hour violations for many years and can help you rectify this situation quickly and affordably.

Unpaid Wages

The federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour, and the current Florida minimum wage is $10 per hour. Therefore, you should be making at least $10 for each hour worked. If you are not being paid that much, your employer is on the hook for the difference in pay for each hour you have logged.

Florida is one of several states that allows employees who make tips to be paid less than minimum wage as long as their earned tips amount to a rate of $10 each hour. That being said, your employer must pay you at least $6.98 per hour as well as the difference between that and the state minimum wage if, when including your tips, your wage does not equal $10 an hour.

Suing For Unpaid Wages

If you have been underpaid or unpaid by your employer, you can sue them for the amount you should have been paid. If you worked 40 hours per week for a full year at $7.25 without realizing your employer was required to pay you the Florida minimum wage of $10 an hour, you could sue for $5,720 in unpaid wages. If other employees were also shorted, a class-action lawsuit against your employer may be in order, and, if it’s successful, you could win damages in addition to unpaid wages.

Attorney Berman can help you determine how best to proceed in a wage and hour case. He will help you file a complaint with the appropriate agency and represent you in any required hearings or court appearances. Don’t let your employer walk all over you – contact Mr. Berman now to get started on your employment lawsuit.

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