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Gender Discrimination Lawyer Protecting Employers And Employees In St. Petersburg And Tampa

It is explicitly illegal for an employer or supervisor to discriminate against you because of your assigned, preferred or lack of gender identity. As long as you are able to perform the functions of your job satisfactorily, you should not be treated any differently than your colleagues. If you are currently experiencing gender-related discrimination at work or were terminated because of your gender, attorney Craig Berman can help.

What Constitutes Gender Discrimination?

Gender discrimination can show up in a plethora of ways, though sometimes it is covert and simply felt. That being said, common manifestations of gender bias present as:

  • Being assigned different tasks than your co-workers in the same position who are of a different gender
  • Being mocked, insulted, hit on or the target of gender-motivated comments, gestures, touching or jokes
  • Being passed over for promotions despite being more qualified than colleagues of a different gender
  • Being terminated for reporting gender harassment or abuse

What You Can Do About Gender Discrimination

If you haven’t already spoken to your supervisor or someone else higher in the company, you should do so immediately. They may be able to diffuse the situation internally. If you have already tried this, spoken to human resources or taken some other form of action, now is the time to hire an experienced employment law attorney. Craig Berman can help you document the discrimination and report it to the appropriate state of federal agency.

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