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Ask An Attorney To Review An Offered Severance Contract Before Signing

If your company is about to lay you off or you are preparing to resign from a job, you may receive an offer of a severance contract. Perhaps you already signed such a contract, but it has not yet gone into effect. You may wish for legal advice. If you suspect that the severance contract will somehow limit or shortchange you, bring your concerns to the attention of an experienced employment law attorney.

Before going through with a severance agreement, ask a lawyer at Berman Law Firm, P.A., in St. Petersburg, to review the terms and advise you as to whether it is legal and fair. Attorney Craig Berman can inform you of problems and options you may have to improve your chances of a better parting deal.

How Employment Law Advice Can Provide Reassurance At This Time

At Berman Law Firm, P.A., you will find the depth of knowledge and the sound guidance you are looking for. Do you wonder whether the severance contract in front of you is solid? Are its terms in line with industry standards? Does your employer imply that you are required to sign it? What might happen if you don’t?

Explore these questions and related topics with the help of an experienced employment lawyer at our St. Petersburg law firm.

Factors To Consider

Your pending departure from your job may be described in one of these ways:

  • You are quitting or retiring.
  • You are being laid off along with many other employees.
  • You are about to lose your job for business reasons.
  • You are being fired for performance issues or other reasons.

If your pending termination is part of a larger layoff at your company that employs 100 or more workers, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act of 1989 may apply. In this case, your employer must give you 60 days’ notice. They may try to circumvent that requirement by asking you to sign a seemingly attractive severance agreement instead. But is it reasonable? Is it fair, legal and optimal? Ask us to review your severance contract and help you make informed decisions in your best interest.

Even if your employer is a smaller company, an offered severance contract may contain questionable terms, such as a noncompete agreement and/or a nondisparagement agreement. Might terms such as these hinder you in your job search or leave you open to potential legal troubles if you sign? Get answers now.

Bring A Copy Of The Severance Contract To Attorney Craig Berman For Review

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