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An Established Litigation Firm Serving Employees And Business People

Attorney Craig Berman has been practicing law for more than 30 years. He founded our firm with a focus on employment law and today, we continue to represent plaintiffs struggling with a wide array of related issues, including:

  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Hostile work environments
  • Business and contract disputes

Prior to founding Berman Law Firm, P.A., in 1998, Mr. Berman worked for corporate law firms representing both plaintiffs and defendants in employment litigation. During that time, he acquired extensive knowledge of employment and contract law and developed effective trial advocacy skills. For more details about his background, follow the link below:

Focusing On Plaintiff Representation Since Law School Days

While enrolled in law school, Mr. Berman clerked for a plaintiff-only employment law firm and published a law review article in the South Carolina Law Review titled “Whistleblower Protection: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly,” 43 S.C.Law Rev. 215 (1992).

In the years since then, after founding Berman Law Firm, P.A., he has continued to be a strong force supporting the rights of plaintiffs in challenging cases. For example, we assist employees who are asked to accept weak severance contracts. At our firm, we are diligent to investigate the facts to determine whether a worker has been a target of discrimination or an innovator has experienced infringement of intellectual property (IP).

Understanding a plaintiff’s point of view is essential for effective litigation. In the process of uncovering details of our clients’ cases, we often find the keys to wins through pretrial negotiations or in court. Not all claims need to go to trial, but Mr. Berman is always ready to argue before a judge and jury if it is the most promising way to achieve justice for an employee or a business.

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Initial consultations and ongoing communications may take place via videoconferences, by phone or in person. When it is appropriate, we may meet with clients in off-site locations, such as at their workplaces.

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