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Effectual Disability Discrimination Lawyer Representing St. Petersburg And Tampa Clients

If you are disabled or become disabled during your employment, you have many important rights in the workplace to protect you from discrimination and harassment. Just because you have different abilities than your colleagues does not mean that you are not a valuable part of the team and that you deserve anything less than fair and equal treatment. Attorney Craig Berman is committed to helping you assert your rights and hold accountable those who violate state and federal employment laws.

Know Your Rights

There are many laws in place at both the state and federal levels protecting employees with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prevents employers from discriminating against you in hiring or termination decisions, salary, benefits and promotions.

Reasonable Accommodations

Other laws require your employer to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. “Reasonable accommodations” is a vague term, but it encompasses anything that doesn’t place an undue hardship on your employer. An example of a reasonable accommodation is allowing you to wear protective hearing equipment or working on a floor of the building with the fewest stairs. An example of a request that puts an undue hardship on your employer would be that you can only work on Mondays and Tuesdays even though they need a full-time employee in your desired position.

Employment Law Violations And Help

If you have been discriminated against, passed over for a promotion, denied a job offer despite being highly qualified or terminated on the sole basis of having a disability, your employer is breaking the law. Attorney Berman can help you report the violation and take the next steps in correcting the situation. This may look different for each client, depending on their goals. Do you want to stay with your employer, assuming conditions are improved and maintained? Do you want to sue them for compensation? Mr. Berman can help you decide the best path forward and assist you in getting there.

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