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Whichever religion you practice should not impact your employment opportunities or how you are treated in the workplace. That is, after all, essentially the main reason people began immigrating to the United States in the first place. If you have been discriminated against at work simply due to your religious beliefs, your employer is in violation of many overlapping employment laws. Attorney Craig Berman can help you hold your employer accountable and make the situation right one way or another.

Religious Discrimination

Regardless of your religion, your employer must treat you the same as every other employee at the company. This means that they cannot – and they cannot allow others to – engage in the following actions solely because of your religion, assuming all other factors are equal:

  • Refuse to hire you
  • Make demeaning comments, remarks, insults, gestures or other communications directed at you or about you
  • Deny you a promotion despite being the most qualified candidate
  • Deny you benefits, training, continued education or learning opportunities, certifications, etc.
  • Exclude you from company outings, conferences, seminars, parties, etc.
  • Terminate you
  • Refuse you reasonable accommodations

Reasonable Accommodations

Your employer is required by law to offer you reasonable religious accommodations in order for you to accept a position or advance upward in the company. A reasonable accommodation is anything that does not place an undue hardship on your employer. An example of a reasonable accommodation would be refraining from scheduling your shifts during the time you worship if there are other employees who could easily work those shifts instead or allowing you to take your lunch earlier than other employees in order to participate in daily prayers.

An example of a hardship would be that you cannot handle the majority of the company’s products or cannot work important shifts that are required of your position.

What To Do If You Experience Discrimination

If you believe or have proof that your employer violated religious discrimination laws and it won’t do anything to resolve the situation, you need to speak with attorney Berman. For over 25 years, Mr. Berman has been helping Floridians who have suffered religious discrimination get the justice they deserve. He can help you file the correct grievances and initiate a lawsuit against your employer if necessary. Don’t let your employer get away with illegal behavior; contact experienced employment lawyer Berman now.

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