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When the pay gap between men and women employees becomes discriminatory

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2023 | Discrimination

Everyone knows that each employee’s salary depends mainly on their education, career experience and other employable characteristics. Hence, it is normal for employees to have a gap in their pay, regardless of gender.

However, when the pay gap between men and women is no longer due to a difference in education, career experience or similar reasons, it may be time to examine the possibility of gender discrimination in the workplace.

When gender is the only controlling factor

In today’s workplace environment, it is unfortunately common for two employees with the same job, skills, educational level and career experience to significantly differ in pay. The only different variable in the equation? Their genders.

Sadly, having the same educational and career level as a male counterpart is not enough for some employers to offer women employees equal pay.

What victims of the gender pay gap can do for now

Though efforts have been made to narrow the gender pay gap in the workplace, women might not experience equal pay anytime soon. Moreover, this highly depends on whether the government, employers and workforce make continuous efforts to fight the inequity.

Employees who believe they are suffering from unfair treatment, not only with equal payment but also other workplace discrimination issues, should explore remedies for their protection under federal and state employment laws.

While gender discrimination can be difficult to measure and prove, it is still possible. Gathering evidence and establishing solid arguments with the help of an experienced employment law attorney are the first steps in your case.