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Race discrimination in employment FAQs

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2023 | Discrimination, Employment Law

If you ever felt like you were passed over for a promotion, let go when nobody else was or were not given an opportunity to even get past an interview when you had strong qualifications, you may have experienced racial discrimination.

Race discrimination is still an ongoing issue for many in the United States, and today, we are going to discuss some basics about race discrimination. And, to be clear, it is illegal federally and at the state level for employment in Florida.

How is race discrimination defined?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission defines race and color discrimination as treating a person negatively because they belong to a race group, have physical characteristics conflated with a race group or have a certain color complexion.

This also extends to someone who is married, has another similar relationship or practices religion with a group linked with minorities. Discrimination can occur between members of the same race too.

What are some types of actions that might constitute discrimination?

Many pre-employment actions might constitute discrimination. For example, only seeking applicants from a pool that takes applicants from one race is likely race-based discrimination. Another is taking race information from applications and using it to filter out applicants or refusing to hire an applicant because they are a certain color.

Actions that might be discrimination during employment are excluding someone from a promotion because they belong to a certain race, giving employment perks to members of one race and not another and firing on the basis of race. This list is not exhaustive. If you feel your employer has taken discriminatory action against you, you have options.

What remedies do you have?

You may file complaints at the federal and state level (some cities also have ways to file complaints locally). You may also file a civil action against the employer to resolve the wrong, and a Florida attorney can help you discuss the burden of proof in these cases and your unique options and circumstances.

Race discrimination is illegal, and a lawyer can assist in the process of finding a remedy for any alleged illegal actions.