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How does Florida law address sex-based wage disputes?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Discrimination

Employees in Florida are paying greater attention to their workplace rights and are being granted a better opportunity to have their concerns addressed. Often, this is viewed in the context of higher profile issues like sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. However, people can face other forms of workplace wrongdoing.

One that comes up often is wage discrimination. While there has been great advancement in sex-based wage equality, there are still instances where people are paid less because of their sex. Knowing what the law says about this issue is imperative when trying to achieve a fair outcome and be compensated according to the law.

Employers cannot discriminate in paying wages based on sex

When a person is paid for their work, the law states that they cannot be discriminated against based solely on their sex. If, for example, a man and woman are doing the exact same type of job, one cannot be paid more than the other without a reason to do so. This is true if the work requires the same level of effort, responsibility and skill and the parties are working in similar conditions.

There are exceptions, but they are based on legitimate justifications for the disparity in pay. If a person has been with the business for a longer time, then they can be paid more based on seniority. Being paid on merit is also reason for which a person can be paid more than another. Situations where people are paid based on their production – in its quality or amount they produce – will warrant a different pay scale. Employers can pay one employee more than another even if they are doing the same job if it is done in good faith and not because of sex.

For sex-based wage disputes, having experienced assistance is vital

Wage disputes are common complaints in employment cases. It can be confusing if an employee believes they are being subjected to sex-based wage discrimination and the employer denies it by presenting a reason for the difference in pay. It is wise to have guidance to navigate this complex area of employment law.

Consulting with experienced professionals who are longtime residents of the area, are honest, care about their clients and have extensive history in dealing with employment law cases of all kinds can be crucial to achieving a positive outcome. These cases might be negotiable out of court, but having help from those who are skilled in courtrooms is also beneficial. Calling for assistance is key and this should be a first step toward getting paid a fair wage based on the law.